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7th meeting in the Nordic Pharmacoepidemiological Network , Oslo 17-19 November 2014

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7th meeting in the Nordic Pharmacoepidemiological Network , including pre meeting course in DAGs

Oslo 17-19 November 2014
Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo
Registration and abstract submission deadline Oct 15th.

Download updated programme (sept) here!

Welcome to the 7th meeting in the NorPen collaboration. In addition to the NorPen research groups we invite members of the Nordic Societies for Pharmacoepidemiology and other Nordic researchers working in the field of pharmacoepidemiology.
In this meeting we focus on some new methodological issues. We also invite you to present ongoing research based on Nordic or international collaboration or own research based on national data. A special invitation will go to register holders. PhD students are special welcome and the NorPen network offers travel grants to this group. 

In connection with the meeting we are happy to announce a course in causal graphs (DAGS ‘Directed Acyclic Graphs’). Senior researcher Hein Stigum will give an introduction to this topic on 17 and 18 Nov. The causal graphs are useful tools to understand key concepts like confounding, mediation and colliding (selection bias). They help in the analysis by finding a group of variables that must be adjusted for (and variables that should not be adjusted for). And they give a clear statement of prior assumptions for the analysis. He will also give a short introduction to DAGs as a background to his talk about “time dependent confounding in pharmacoepidemiology”. 

Professor Morten Andersen (Karolinska, Sweden) will talk about how we can use Nordic databases to detect harmful effects of new drugs. He will include methodological aspects, examples and how a system could be implemented in practice.
Senior researcher Randi Selmer (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) will compare different methods to combine data from Nordic health registers with examples from the Nordic studies of SSRI in pregnancy.
This is a preliminary invitation. More information about the final program will appear on the website for the Norwegian Society for Pharmacoepidemiology : www.farmakoepi.no

Registration and submission of abstracts to Siv Gald Ullereng, Norwegian Institute of Public Health: SivGald.Ullereng@fhi.no.
Leader of the organizing committee: Marte Handal marte.handal@fhi.no
More information: www.farmakoepi.no

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